Begode ex30

Extreme Performance With the Begode ex30


                    The Begode Ex30 keeps raising the bar for performance. The newest suspension wheel from Begode will soon be arriving. Begode, who never stops pushing the envelope, has created the most potent electric unicycle ever! Additionally, this has a capacity of 3,600 watt-hours and an amazing 134 volts. Furthermore, one of the most potent electric skateboard motors on the market right now is the Begode Ex30 4000W Motor. A top speed of 70 km/h, a range of up to 40 km, and a weight restriction of 130 kg are to be expected.

Refined Suspension

Begode ex 30 has an advantage over suspension wheels thanks to an improved suspension chassis that is also utilized for the T4, master, master pro, and other models. One of the most potent electric unicycles on the market right now, the Begode Ex30 has a peak speed and range of which others can only dream. For someone seeking a fast top speed and a long range, this model is ideal. Check out our in-depth guide on choosing power-assisted unicycle speed before you purchase an electric unicycle. Shop our powerful, long-distance electric unicycle, which is ideal for both experienced riders and novices.