E-Twow Booster ES
  • Motor rated power 500W DC Brushless
  • 36V 7.8Ah E-TWOW Li-ion Battery
  • Autonomy up to 30 km


Designed for Urban Travel

Whether you are a novice or an expert, the E-twow Booster ES electric scooter is suitable for everyone.

User comfort is the priority of this scooter.


The E-TWOW Booster ES scooter is light but powerful, it is the highest torque scooter on the market for a scooter of its weight.
It incorporates a 500W motor and a battery that will allow you to travel up to 30 km and reach a speed of 25 km/h.
On private roads it can reach a speed of 30 km/h.


Patented polyurethane airless tyres, covered with rubber composite material and ribbed, improve performance on wet roads.
The main advantage of airless tires is that they cannot puncture, which leads to savings, as airless tires will have to be replaced very rarely. Vehicles equipped with airless tires can support more weight and be used in more strenuous activities.


The scooter is equipped with front and rear suspension, to make riding on city streets as comfortable as possible.


The E-TWOW Booster ES scooter has a 3-point folding system and weighs less than 12 kg, it takes up little space and can easily be transported.
One of the main advantages of E-TWOW scooters is their unique folding system. The scooter can be fully folded by simply pressing the folding button, located on the top of the scooter deck. Once folded, you can easily transport it on public transport or store it wherever you want, under the desk or in the trunk of the car.
The folding system of the handles saves a lot of space.
The adjustable height of the handlebar will allow you to adapt the scooter to your size.


The E-TWOW Booster ES scooter is equipped with a double braking system.
The electromagnetic brake is activated by the trigger located to the left of the screen.
The mechanical brake is activated by pressing on the rear fender with your foot.

We have implemented the KERS technology used in Formula 1 on the scooter, so that we can reduce energy consumption and increase the autonomy of our scooter by up to 40% by simply pressing the magnetic brake.


Enjoy our bright and vibrant color display that shows all the important functions of the scooter.
The scooter is equipped with a 30 x 26 mm LCD screen, which will show you several types of information, such as: a speedometer, the counter for the total mileage of the scooter, the mileage of the last trip, the temperature and the battery level.

Stay in touch with your scooter at all times!
Get ready for a better driving experience with a smart app with Bluetooth connectivity E-TWOW CONNECT!


  • Motor rated power 500W DC Brushless
  • 36V 7.8Ah E-TWOW Li-ion Battery
  • Autonomy up to 30 km
  • Maximum speed 25 km/h – (30 km/h on private view)
  • Wheel size 8 inches
  • Patented puncture-proof solid polyurethane tires, soft rubber
  • Weight 11.6kg
  • Maximum user weight 110 Kg
  • Electromagnetic brake with KERS energy recovery system for the front wheel + emergency brake for the rear wheel (operated with the foot)
  • Front shock absorber + Rear shock absorber
  • Maximum inclination when climbing up to 20°
  • Front and rear LED lighting + side reflectors
  • 42V / 2A / 3A charger
  • Dimensions folded: 98 x 15 x 33 cm / Unfolded: 98 x 38.6 x 116 cm
  • Waterproof IPX4 certified (wet ground and light rain)
  • Zero start function: For safety reasons the scooter can only work if you push it slightly at the start
  • parking stand
  • Bluetooth for connection to the E-TWOW connect application

Technical informations

  • type of foldingclassic folding
  • type of terrainsmooth ground
  • suspensionwith suspension
  • electric assistancewith electric assistance
  • maximum speed25 km/h
  • width (in cm)94cm
  • frequencyall frequencies
  • autonomy (in km)30 to 45km
  • maximum charge120kg
  • height (in cm)175cm
  • length (in cm)120cm
  • weight (in kg)11kg
  • wheel size (in inches)7.9″
  • type of distancelong distance
  • power (in watts)500W
  • brake positionon the handlebars
E-Twow Booster ES
  • Motor rated power 500W DC Brushless
  • 36V 7.8Ah E-TWOW Li-ion Battery
  • Autonomy up to 30 km


E-Twow Booster ES