Inmotion A1 Electric Scooter


One of the great features of this scooter is the wide, comfy, cool looking wooden deck. It has great quality finishes for an entry level electric scooter that is light and nimble and can still carry up to 100kg rider. Well suited to light weight riders or for heavier riders cruising in areas that are not too hilly. The electronic breaks are impressively strong and only require a light activation to get strong breaking power.

Eco mode is perfect for younger riders or for safer riding while gaining confidence on the scooter. The easy folding and locking handlebar mechanism has a solid, sturdy feel, which is an important component for a scooter to ride comfortably. The solid back tyre can never get punctures which a convenient maintenance benefit.

  • Maximum Speed 25 km/h
  • Maximum Range 15 km
  • Hill Climb Angle 15°
  • Peak Power 500 Watts
  • Rated Power 250 Watts
  • Weight 12.0 kg
  • Maximum Load 100 kg
  • Battery 5.2Ah 187Wh 36.0V
  • Recharge Time 3 hours
  • Wheel Size 8.0 cm
  • Tyres Rear (solid) Front (pneumatic)
  • Drive Rear wheel
  • Brakes Regenerative and Drum
  • Frame Material Aluminium 6061+T6
  • Charger Input AC 110-240V