Inmotion V13 EUC

TOP SPEED*:~90 km/h (56 mph)
MAX RANGE*:~200 km (124.2 miles)
WEIGHT:50 kg (110 lbs)
MAX LOAD:120 kg (265 lbs)
MAX GRADE:45 deg
TIRE SIZE:22 in Off-road Tire


V13 Challenger is here! The all-new Inmotion V13 4500W Electric Unicycle

The newest release from Inmotion is set to redefine the limits of a EUC wheel. Greater safety, speed, and power are all about what the V13 has to offer to riders. Challenger is a big suspension wheel, which is built like a tank, strong and tough. The Inmotion V13 challenger Electric Unicycle with suspension is a heavy-duty EUC, but agile wheel with a 22×3 inch tire which is super responsive to uneven terrains!

Inmotion V13 4500W Electric Unicycle

The 18W headlight and 1W rear light make the wheel very visible at night. It has two charging ports. One Type-C port and one USB port are available so that your phone, or tablet has an easy way to charge up. A big and wide mudguard is provided, so you never need to be concerned about the puddles anymore.

Additional features included a modular design with adjustable pedals, pads, optional suspension, and armor plating to protect the wheel from impact.

Key Upgrades:

Next-generation battery safety, controller durability, and high motor output
 The improved suspension system and completely modular design
 Greater fast charging capability
 Most powerful and durable wheel design
Inmotion V13 4500W Electric Unicycle

Massive Battery

The advanced and reliable V13 Inmotion EUC is the latest in a long line of increasingly powerful electric unicycles from InMotion. The powerful motor requires a large capacity battery, and the V13 delivers a 3,024 Wh battery pack. The packs are IP67 waterproofing level and can support fast charging up to 1764W (126V/14A), which means you can fully charge the battery in a little over 2.5 hours.

Powerful Motor

The Inmotion Challenger V13 operates with an extremely high system voltage of 126V. That higher operating voltage helps it achieve its 4,500W power output. And believe it or not, that’s just the continuous power rating. The peak power output is a mind-melting 10,000W, with a max torque of 300N.M.


With that much power behind the 22″ wheel, the electric unicycle achieves a wheel lift speed of 140 km/h (87 mph). The wheel lift speed is the unloaded top speed of the unicycle’s wheel when the unit is lifted into the air. It is higher than the actual top speed when ridden on flat ground, but is a useful metric used in the industry for comparing electric unicycles. The actual operational top speed of the V13 is still likely to surpass ~90 km/h (56 mph).

IP Rating

The motor is rated IPX6 which is designed to be highly water resistant to the point of submersion to allow riding in allSAFETYer conditions.motor toTo allow the motor to get enough input current, we use 8AWG phase-conductor cables, double the size of their counterparts, that can sustain 160A continuous current, and 1000A peak current. The heat will be reduced by 75%, which means riders can do more extreme ridings without damaging the wirings.

Safety is the number one priority of Inmotion and the V13 is designed with a dual hall sensor design in case one system fails the other will take over and the wheel will remain operational.

Smart Battery Management System (BMS)

The battery is designed with a smart BMS design to allow independent cell monitoring and diagnostics. New cell balancing technology has been implemented which can increase the lifespan of the pack by up to 100%. The battery is fully sealed for water resistance and has an integrated heat dissipation design with modern temperature sensors.

The additional design included a redundant charging mechanism should one system fail the battery will still function. The Challenger also utilizes a TCS (Triangular Communication System) where the batteries and the controller are connected simultaneously so that if one channel fails the controller can still monitor both batteries. The protection strategy is 11*2 temperature sensors, 1*2 humidity sensors (1 for each battery pack), and 3 recharge protection sensors.


The controller is designed to handle over 50% of the max rating of the motor output with a total of 42 MOSFETs and can allow a continuous 1000 amp current. The system uses 18 capacitors to reduce heat and strain on the controller, especially during hard riding; this also reduces the stress on the batteries. The controller also has active cooling with dual fans.


The Suspension is similar to the V11 but vastly upgraded utilizing double the air shock absorbers for a smoother ride and allowing for the removal of the suspension for a ride similar to a non-suspension wheel. We know some of you prefer non-suspension wheels, with Challenger, you can easily transform it to a non-suspension model by removing the suspension kits. So just play around, you’ll feel the two different characters of the same wheel. Combined with the 22″ off-road tire, the V13 could be the smoothest ride yet

Inmotion V13 EUC
SKU:1IM-V13-BLK CONDITION:New TOP SPEED*:~90 km/h (56 mph) MAX RANGE*:~200 km (124.2 miles) WEIGHT:50 kg (110 lbs) MOTOR:4500W BATTERY:3024 Wh MAX LOAD:120 kg (265 lbs) MAX GRADE:45 deg TIRE SIZE:22 in Off-road Tire


Inmotion V13 EUC