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Kugoo S1 Plus is the most beautiful electric scooter among the S1 series. It has an attractive black appearance with orangy-red colour. The screen is bright and displays all the necessary information, and the placement is right on point. We have two levers on both sides of the screen. The right one is for power, and the button is for controlling the screen. While the left one is the brake and the button turns on the light.

Thick aluminium tube is adjustable; it can extend up to 106cm, ideal for people with a height between 170cm to 180cm. But if you are taller, then there are better scooter choices. Then we have the deck, which is 15.5cm wide and 53 cm long, with an anti-slip rubber mat. The mat has white colour, in short, it will never be clean it will always have dirt and stains.

  • MODEL S1 Plus
  • MAX SPEED* Limited to 25km/h
  • MAX RANGE* ≤ 25km
  • WEIGHT 12.5KG
  • MAX LOAD 50 KG
  • BATTERY 36V 7.5Ah lithium battery
  • CHARGE TIME 4-5 hours
  • DIMENSIONS L96 x W22.5 x H38.5cm
  • MOTOR 350W
  • TYRES 8-inch Solid Honeycomb Explosion-proof Tire
  • SPEED MODES 15km/h, 25km/h, 30km/h