Yume Hawk Electric Scooter

Original price was: $1,999.00.Current price is: $1,390.00.

The New YUME HAWK Based on the previous generation M10, the new Hawk features a nimble 35kg weight, two 1200W motors, sine wave controllers, a 60V 22.5Ah battery using high capacity 21700 cells, Zoom hydraulic brakes and 10 inch tubeless tires for better puncture resistance. The Hawk offers a fantastic ride experience with the help of 2 rebound adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers. A dampener is also included for stable and smooth handlebar control.

  • Motors: 2400-watt dual motor with hall sensor Sine-Wave 27A Max Current Controller
  • Max Speed*: 60V Up to 43MPH
  • Battery: 60V 22.5Ah
  • Max Range*: 43Miles – In test Condition, 30Miles – in Complex terrain at fast speed
  • Display Features: Riding mode setting ability, Smart display with Over heat protection built in IP65
  • NFC: 2 NFC Fast response Near Field Communication cards
  • APP: IOS/ANDROID YUME customize
  • Tires: 10×3.15″ Tubeless All-terrain Tires
  • Brakes: Front and Rear ZOOM Hydraulic disc brake with 160mm rotor and cooling fin pad
  • Front & Rear Suspension: long length Adjustable hydraulic coil-shock suspension
  • Lights: Aluminum Front LED light + Brake light + 2turn signal + Horn
  • LED Side Lights: Deck and Stem colorful lights with remote control
  • IP Rating: IP 54 for the whole scooter
  • Weight: 77lbs/35KG
  • Maximum load: 280lbs/126KG
  • Charger: Standard 2*2A chargers
  • Overall size: 1300*720*1400
  • Size when folded: 1300*220*550