Veteran Sherman Max 20

The Veteran Sherman Max 20

The Upgraded Veteran EUC – Sherman Max 20″

The Veteran’s debut electric unicycle: “Sherman”. With a name inspired by a tank, it sets the bar for performance and durability in EUCs. The massive Lithium Ion battery with 3600WH power offers streamlined riding for hours and miles. The 2800W BLDC motor is more powerful and has higher torque than the previous models. With a solid framework and strong pedals, the Veteran Sherman electric unicycle is capable of carrying a maximum weight of around 150KGs, making it suitable to be used by riders of all age groups and sizes. Veteran Sherman Max EUC is making vibes for people who want an off-road extreme sports machine. The weight of this Veteran Sherman EUC is 35 Kg, defining the strength it holds in itself to beat off-road hurdles. Satisfying the urge of passionate riders to discover new riding horizons, this Veteran Sherman Max offers a range of 232 km. The maximum speed limit of this ravishing EUC is 72 Km/h, fair enough to zoom fastly over all kinds of terrains. With a roll cage to protect the wheel and first of its kind wheel with an integrated dashboard display, it is expected that Veteran Sherman’s electric unicycle will set a new bar for off-road riding.
Main highlights:

3,600Wh battery pack (a 400Wh upgrade over previous version)

2,800W motor with 20% more torque than original

Low RPM over-current protection

Yhicker 10AWG motor phase wires

New pedal bracket design

Veteran Sherman Max 20