Veteran Abrams 22

Veteran Abrams 22

King of the Off-Road, The Veteran Abrams

The industry-leading manufacturer of robust electric unicycles, Leaperkim has innovated the most advanced model of Veteran Abrams electric unicycles so far. Feel the rush of Adrenalin with this ready-to-take-you-anywhere Veteran Abrams off-road electric unicycle with a 22” massive tire. The high above-ground positioning of the wheel enables fully stable seated riding for the rider.Motor & Battery

Furthermore, the 3700W brushless motor with high torque facilitates a maximum speed limit of around 100Km/hr. The 2700WH rechargeable Li-ion battery is powerful enough to offer a reliable range of up to 130 Km on a single charge. It takes 12 hours to get fully charged.

Above all, the overall weight of this solid and powerful Veteran Abrams EUC is 44 kg, for sure not easy to be transported anywhere as a result, it promise to deliver a powerpack performance with extra stability even in challenging tracks. In addition to highly reliable and stable riding, this off-road EUC is also known as a high-speed cruiser wheel. Display The front of this EUC is equipped with an LCD panel to display real-time updates of speed, battery voltage, mileage, switching and battery status, etc. Make friends with your long-run off-road companion, the Veteran Abrams 22” 3500W motor electric unicycle, and explore new destinations with surging passion.

The Abrams monowheel weighs 44 kg, for ease of transportation, a telescopic handle is provided in the center. Comfortable height and the ability to lock in the extended position make it quite convenient to move your Abrams where it is needed. In front of the unicycle is a four-eyed headlight. The headlight angle is adjustable, it is possible to direct the beam up/down. The long pedals are studded from the factory for a better fit. Pedal length 26.4 cm. The pedal height from the ground is 17.8 cm.

Large LCD screen
Offroad spiked pedals
Metal roll bars for protection
Bright headlight
Built-in retractable trolley handle
Integrated fender installed
Significant improvements to water resistance