Emove RoadRunner Tronic Electric Scooter

Original price was: $5,500.00.Current price is: $4,500.00.

The EMOVE RoadRunner Tronic is the first hyperscooter mass marketed and produced right here in Los Angeles. And 10,000W of motor power means it goes 60 mph, making it one of the fastest seated electric scooters for adults.

Developed and custom built by VoroMotors and Tronic Systems, this seated electric scooter is handcrafted with a carbon fiber cockpit and customizable high-tech components. Including the Rion Curve throttle and dual Tronic 250 controllers (VESC).

Why do they matter? Because they transform acceleration and deceleration, giving you serious control over speed and true regenerative braking.

  • Range is 65 miles with a 72V 28Ah LG battery
  • Top speed is 60 mph with dual VM 5000W motors
  • Tronic Systems handcrafts the legendary Rion Apex and co-designed this brand new seated hyperscooter that we assemble in our LA headquarters
  • Use your smartphone and a VESC mobile app to optimize the RoadRunner Tronic’s performance and display riding stats
  • Compatible mobile apps include: (iOS) Xmatic, eSkate VESC, metr.at; (Android) Vesc Tool
  • Roadrunner Tronic is backed by our amazing customer support and technical team with a limited one year warranty with VoroMotors
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