Weped FS Electric Scooter


The Weped FS is a scooter made for racing and high-performance events, as well as for people who enjoy a lot of torque and acceleration. It’s more of a scooter for clinging onto than a vehicle for cruising about. With contrasting black paint, gold pins, and silver bolts, it has a highly mechanical aspect.

The two BLDC hub motors can accelerate to 80mph in less than 12 seconds, With a potential peak of over 800amps.

  • Motor Max 33,000W BLDC Dual-Hub Motors (16500w peak)
  • Battery 72v 45ah Samsung INR Cells 21700 (3240wh)
  • Charge Time 21h approx using Standard 84v 1.7amp charger
  • 7.5h approx using Fast Charger (4.4amp)
  • Single-Charge Mileage 60 Miles (Peak Eco Riding) Real life range 30 miles average riding, 21 miles at high speed, peak performance.
  • Max Speed Varies 75mph reported, Max 77.2 mph Strava with our rider at 64kg
  • Climbing Range 70% or 35 degrees (varies depending charge state and weight of the rider)
  • Braking System Hydraulic Weped Brand brakes with ABS standard and 160mm disks
  • Lighting No forward / ride lighting, dual side of deck RBG color LED lighting, 1 rear brake light
  • Max Load 352 lbs. (160kg)
  • Scooter Weight 132 lbs. (60kg)
  • Product Material 6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.