MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ Electric Scooter

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Introducing the SPEEDWAY RIDERS NYC™ MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ Electric Scooter – Your Ultimate Urban and Off-Road Companion!

**Unleash the Power:**
Equipped with Dual 1200W Hub Motors, the MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ takes your riding experience to the next level. Feel the thrill as you accelerate with confidence, effortlessly conquering the city streets and off-road paths.

**Speed Demon:**
Reach new heights of exhilaration with a max speed of 46 mph. The MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ delivers an adrenaline-pumping ride, letting you breeze through your daily commute or weekend adventures with unmatched swiftness.

**Boundless Range:**
Embark on journeys without limits, as the MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ boasts an impressive range of 46 miles. Roam freely through the urban jungle or explore untamed trails, all on a single charge.

**Conquer Any Slope:**
Defy gravity and climb inclines of up to 30° with ease. Tackle steep hills like never before, making every ascent a thrilling part of your ride.

**Built for Strength:**
With a sturdy weight limit of 265 lbs, the MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ is designed to accommodate riders of various sizes, ensuring a comfortable and secure experience for all.

**Reliable Battery Power:**
Powered by a high-capacity 60V 24Ah battery, this scooter guarantees longevity and endurance. Enjoy extended rides without worrying about running out of juice.

**Swift Recharge:**
Get back on the road swiftly with a charging time of just 360 minutes. Spend more time riding and less time waiting, thanks to the efficient charging system.

**Advanced Security:**
Rest easy knowing your scooter is protected by a digital password locking mechanism. Your MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ remains safe and secure, giving you peace of mind wherever you go.

**Illuminate Your Path:**
Customize your ride with adjustable RGB lights that set the mood. Stay visible and safe during nighttime rides with a powerful headlight and integrated turning signals.

**Crystal-Clear Display:**
Experience the future with the panoramic TFT display. Access vital information about your ride at a glance, enhancing your control and awareness.

**Stay Connected:**
Stay powered up on the go with 2 water-resistant charging ports. Keep your devices juiced up and ready for action, ensuring you’re always connected.

**Effortless Foldability:**
The hinge and lock folding mechanism lets you effortlessly fold down the MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ for easy storage and transport. Maximize convenience without compromising on performance.

**Total Control:**
Navigate with confidence using front and rear hydraulic and electronic brakes. Enjoy superior stopping power that ensures your safety and control at all times.

**Grip and Traction:**
Roll smoothly on 10×2.7″ tubeless or 10×3.0″ pneumatic tires. These high-traction tires provide stability and maneuverability, whether you’re cruising the streets or venturing off-road.

Discover a new dimension of electric scootering with the SPEEDWAY RIDERS NYC™ MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ Electric Scooter. Unmatched power, range, and features await you. Are you ready to experience the ride of a lifetime?

  • Type Urban_and_Off_Road
  • Power Dual 1200W Hub Motors
  • Max Speed 46 mph
  • Range 46 miles
  • Climbing Angle 30° uphill
  • Weight Limit 265 lbs
  • Battery 60 V 24 Ah
  • Charging Time 360 minutes
  • Locking Mechanism Digital password
  • Lights Adjustable RGB, headlight, turning signals
  • Display Panoramic TFT
  • Charging Ports 2 x Water-resistant Ports
  • Folding Mechanism Hinge & Lock
  • Brakes Front+Rear Hydraulic + Electronic Brakes
  • Tires 10×2.7″ (Tubeless) or 10×3.0″(Pneumatic)