Teverun Fighter Supreme Electric Scooter

Original price was: $5,999.00.Current price is: $2,999.00.

Sometimes you need to fight for your right, TO SCOOTER!!! Say hello to the Teverun Fighter Supreme Electric Scooter. This scooter is fast with dual 55 amp output sinewave controllers offering top speeds of 60+ mph and stops on a dime with its fully hydraulic front and rear zoom brakes.

Sporting the newest folding mechanism design from MiniMotors / Teverun, great accent lighting, a bright dedicated headlight, a 3.5”TFT display, and a thumb throttle, the Fighter Supreme electric scooter has it all. Riders will love the extended platform, adjustable hydraulic suspension, and the damper that comes stock on this sleek machine. Smooth acceleration, tons of control, and impressive power when you want it, we are stoked to stand out from the pack with the Fighter Supreme.

  • 72V 35AH LG 21700cell adjustable hydraulic suspension / FULL BLACK
  • MAX 8000W
  • 90/65-6 11inch tubeless tire  puncture free
  • full hydraulic Disc brake
  • 7260V 35AH LG  21700cell 
  • TFT 3.5inch
  • adjustable hydraulic suspension
  • controller 55Ax2 sine wave
  • Max speed:85kmh
  • black/red; black/green; full black
  • NFC