Yume Hawk Pro Electric Scooter

Original price was: $2,999.00.Current price is: $1,849.00.

For those who demand more power and speed, YUME is pleased to introduce the incredible Hawk Pro. This pro version of the YUME Hawk comes with the same styling and accessories but features two powerful 3000W motors. This comes paired with two new custom designed compact sine wave controllers (Super 6 mosfet / 35A) and is powered by a 60V 30Ah battery using Samsung 50e 21700 cells. The 10″ tubed street tires on the Hawk Pro are also wider (4.5″wide) giving enhanced grip to match the increased performance.

  • Motors: 3000-watt dual motors with hall sensor Sine-Wave 35A Max Current Controller
  • Max Speed*: 60V Up to 50MPH
  • Battery: 60V 30AH
  • Max Range*: 60 Miles
  • Display Features: Riding mode setting ability, Smart display with Over heat protection built in IP65
  • NFC: 2 NFC Fast response Near Field Communication cards
  • APP: IOS/ANDROID YUME customize
  • Tires: 10×4.5″ Tubeless All-terrain Tires
  • Brakes: Front and Rear Brand ZOOM Hydraulic disc brake with 160mm rotor and cooling fin pad
  • Front & Rear Suspension: Front and Rear: Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension
  • Lights: Aluminum Front LED light + Brake light + 2turn signal + Horn
  • LED Side Lights: Deck and Stem colorful lights with remote control
  • IP Rating: IP 54 for the whole scooter
  • Weight: 88lbs/40KG
  • Maximum load: 280lbs/126KG
  • Charger: Standard 2*2A chargers
  • Overall size: 1390*240*1380mm
  • Size when folded: 1390*240*600mm