Blade GT Electric Scooter

Original price was: $2,999.00.Current price is: $1,999.00.

The Blade 10 GT Electric Scooter is simply the powerhouse of the Blade 10 variations. With 3000 watts of power the 60-volt battery gives it tons of grunt. The dual 1500W motors output 3000w of total motor power in combination with the 40A sine-wave controllers gives this e-scooter a nice acceleration curve whilst being punchy as you could ever want with plenty of headroom.

It flies up hills and the top speed of 85km/h (Private property use) is way more than most of us will ever want to travel. This iteration of the Blade 10 GT is optioned with a 60V 28.8AH LG battery instead of cheaper off brand batteries and does not disappoint.

SUSPENSION: KKE adjustable hydraulic
BRAKES: XOD Full Hydraulic
THROTTLE: Thumb throttle
CHARGE: 16 HRS (1 x 1.75A), 8 HRS (2 x 1.75A), 4.3 HRS (1 x 6.5A)
LIGHTS: Front and rear LED, frame lighting

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